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D&Wp Alcohol Box Version 1.1
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The D&Wp Alcohol Box
Version 1.1 is a 3D presenter of alcohol abuse and misuse.
It presents the subject in a unique and stimulating way.

The durable and lockable flight case contains three trays in which there are 24 crystal cases containing the individual items. There are six major subjects covered:,

  1. What is Alcohol (Tray One Top)
  2. Types of alcohol (Tray One Bottom)
  3. History of Alcohol (Tray Two Top)
  4. Control of Alcohol (Tray Two Bottom)
  5. Health Risks (Tray Three Top)
  6. Solutions (Tray Three Bottom)

These crystal cases are removable and each tray slot and case are numbered and bear concise details on the contents.  In addition to this each crystal case bears a QR Code that if scanned links directly to comprehensive information which can be downloaded directly to a smart phone or computer and if required printed out in high resolution, full colour.

All three trays can be stored and transported in the lockable and durable, custom built flight case. It's the perfect portable resource fully linked to the internet.

D&Wp awareness training products have proved to be a popular addition to any training session, using their unique and intriguing 3D modular system. They provide a fascinating source of information and provide a much sought after stimulus in the classroom, be it an adult environment or one suitable for young people. Thousands of organizations worldwide, including police, health authorities, youth organizations and companies, already use our existing range of D&Wp products.

Version 1.1 Upgrade Kit
The standard D&Wp Alcohol Box includes 21 items (seven in each tray); an eighth item for each tray is available as an optional upgrade which may be ordered at the same time as your purchase of a D&Wp Alcohol Box, or at a later date. The current upgrade is Version 1.1. see the upgrade page for full details.

Alcohol Box Version 1.1 Standard £499
+ VAT & Carriage

D&Wp Drug Box V3.6

Each box has a colour explanatory book covering all of the D&Wp Alcohol Box contents, which can be downloaded from the D&Wp website by registered customers.

For more information on the contents of the three trays please click here:


Product Data
Height 325 mm
Depth 140 mm
Width 570 mm
Weight 7 kg

Alcohol Box Version 1.1 Upgraded £585
+ VAT & Carriage