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Drug Box Version 5.1 - New & Improved! Drug Box Light Version 5.1 - New & Improved!
The D&Wp Drug Box Version 5.1 is a 3D presenter of drug abuse and misuse. All 24 drugs (harmless replicas) in this latest version, 5.1 have been reviewed, taking into account recent changes in UK government guidelines and drug culture and valuable feedback from our customers. The D&Wp Drug Box-Light Version 5.1 contains as standard 12 simulated drug items selected from the D&Wp Drug box Version 5.1. However, you can select further imitation items (sold seperately) and re-arrange the display in your Drug Box-Light to suit your training and education program.
S.I.D. Box Version 2.1 D&Wp Drug Awareness Flash Cards Sets 1 & 2
Flash Card frontflash card back
Substance Identification Resource designed to train participants to identify drug associated substances without relying on their associated praphernalia. D&Wp Flash Cards. Two sets of flash cards each containing 12 of the most common drugs. One side bears the suject introduction the other the detailed information.