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D&Wp Drug Box-Light - Version 5.1

The D&Wp Drug Box-Light V5.1 contains as standard 12 simulated drugs selected from the D&Wp Drug Box V5.1. However, you can select further imitation drugs (available separately) and re-arrange the display in your D&Wp Drug Box-Light.

Crystal cases are numbered in the same sequence as the D&Wp Drugs Box V5.1. This enables an easy interchange of content to and from an existing Drug Box containing the full range of imitation drugs.

All cases are removable from trays and are easily passsed amongst a group, or you may wish to remove or substitute a drug you do not wish to use in your planned session. The reverse of the crystal case gives details on the drug, it's appearance, method of use, effect, signs of use, street names, risks and other useful information.

At a later date, if you want to upgrade your D&Wp Drug Box-Light please contact D&Wp and we will do what we can to assist.

The D&Wp Drug Box-Light V5.1 is supported by a range of downloadable resources available from our website. You will find a printable booklet with an in-depth description of each of the simulated drugs and paraphernalia contained in both the D&Wp Drug Box-Light and other optional content.

D&Wp Drug Box V3.6

Includes two new drugs:


Benzodiazepines BZP's & GHB

Tray OneTray Two

TRAY ONETray TwoTray One

Cocaine & Crack
03 Heroin
08 Crystal Meth.
09 Cannabis
11 Synthetic Cannabis
12 Synthetic Cathinones

Tray Two

18 BZP's & GHB
19 Steroids
22 Solvents
23 Alcohol
24 Caffeine

Drug Box Version 5.1 Light
£399 +VAT & Carriage