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D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2 - Guide to Use

The NEW D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2 is designed to test the participants knowledge both pre and post drug awareness training, it may also be used as a fun learning game at any time, The subjects it tests are defined by the three separate SID V2 Playing Trays:

Tray 1. Identify a drug by generic name

Tray 2. Identify a drug by various street names

Tray 3. Identify a drug by legal classification

It comes as a complete set with everything you need to start pre and post training evaluation. The following steps show how easy it is to start using:

SID Box in use

The new SID Box Version 2 - Pre & Post Drug Awareness Evaluation

SID Unpack
Remove the S.I.D. Vials from the foam storage in the lid of the case. Remove the three playing trays.

Keep the Key Card out of site.

Mix the vials up.

Identify SID Vial
Allow your participants time to study the contents.

SID in play
Select the first S.I.D. Play board and see how many of the 26 numbered 
S.I.D. vials you can place into the correct slots.

SID Key Card
Enter your choice of positions onto the record card.

Repeat using the other play boards in the same manner.

Give your Record sheet to the course