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D&Wp Drug Wall Version 5.1

The product comprises a modular set of wall or exhibition displays containing 24 placebo drugs.

  • It's a unique purpose made 3D wall display.
  • The placebo drugs look like the real thing but they are harmless copies.
  • Each drug is displayed with its information card covering appearance, how used, effects, risks and what to look out for.

How and where can it be used?

The D&Wp Drug Wall Display is an ideal permanent or semi permanent display for:

  • schools
  • workplaces
  • exhibitions
  • mobile displays
  • libraries and a multitude of static drug awareness display requirements. Just watch the crowd gather around it! 

Fixing is made easy and straightforward. D&Wp supplies you with all the parts needed, complete with a mounting template. You can choose between a permanent fixing using the supplied wall plugs and screws, and a semi-permanent fixing, using self-adhesive Velcro pads, which will be supplied.


D&Wp Drug Wall in use in a teaching situation

Drug Wall

For information on the contents of the six modules
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Drug Wall Version 5.1 £650 +VAT & Carriage

Product Data - (Displayed - Cased)
Height 900mm 400 mm
Depth 75mm 350 mm
Width 900mm 500 mm
Weight 7kg 8.5 kg