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Drug Awareness, Safer Sex and Alcohol Awareness Training Aids

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D&Wp are a manufacturer and supplier of awareness training resources for anyone working in the fields of
drug awareness and safer sex, such as Drug Awareness Specialists, Health promotion, Gynecology Clinics,
Law Enforcement, Prisons, Schools and other youth organizations. D&Wp are suppliers to all leading drug awareness
training organizations in the UK and many internationally, including police services, hospitals, local government offices, education departments, schools and a whole host of non-government organizations.

All products are researched, designed and manufactured in-house by D&Wp, a long established family business, based in
the United Kingdom. D&Wp products are the most up to date, well presented and well supported for upgrades, repairs and replacements.

D&Wp Offer a reliable shipping service to the USA via Fed Ex. These charges have also been reduced!
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Drugs of misuse items, and their paraphernalia, are harmless, yet faithful replicas of the real thing. We are not a re-seller,
we are specialist manufactures of Drug Training Aids, such as:

spaceD&Wp Drug Box Kit and D&Wp Drug Wall Display
spaceD&Wp SID Box (Visual Identity of drugs)
spaceD&Wp Flash Cards, Posters, Computer Drugs Awareness Training Program
spaceD&Wp Safer Sex Box and D&Wp Safer Sex Wall
spaceD&Wp Safer Sex Flash Cards

Quality and realism are of the utmost importance to us and this is why D&Wp resources are still the highlight
of any training session, and in use by thousands of organizations worldwide.

spaceD&Wp Drug BoxspaceD&Wp Safer Sex Box spacespacespacespacespacespace