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D&Wp Drugs Box Version 5.1
Includes Four New Drugs

The D&Wp Drug Box
Version 5.1 is a 3D presenter of drugs and drug misuse presenting the subject in a unique and stimulating way. The NEW durable and light-weight carry case securely stores three trays in which there are (up to*) 24 crystal cases containing the individual items. Subjects covered include;

TRAY ONE - Class A Drugs:
Cocaine & Crack Cocaine, Opium, Heroin, Medicines, L.S.D., Magic Mushrooms, Ecstasy/Tripstacy, Methamphetamine.

TRAY TWO - Class B Drugs:
Cannabis, Amphetamine, Synthetic cannabinoids, Synthetic Cathinones, Barbiturates (Tranquillisers), Methylphenidate, Ketamine, O.T.C. Medicines.

TRAY THREE - Class C and legally classified drugs:
Benzodiaphines, BZP's & GHB, Anabolic Steroids, Khat, Alkyl Nitrite, Solvents, Alcohol & Tobacco, Caffeine.

All 24 drugs (harmless replicas) have been reviewed, taking into account recent changes in UK government guidelines and drug culture, and valuable feedback from our customers. The crystal cases are removable and each tray slot and case are numbered and bear concise details on the contents. All three trays can be stored and transported in the lightweight and durable carry case.

D&Wp Drug Box V3.6

Includes four new Drugs:


Barbiturates Benzodiazepines


BZP's & GHB Methylphenidate

*Drug Box Version 5.1 Upgrade Kit
The standard D&Wp Drug Box includes 21 items (seven in each tray); an eighth item for each tray is available as an optional upgrade. This can be ordered at the same time as your D&Wp Drug Box, or at a later date. The current upgrade is Version 5.1. see the upgrade page for full details.

8. Crystal Meth. 16. O.T.C. Meds. 24. Caffeine

For more information on the contents of the three trays please click here:

The latest version of the D&Wp Drug Box is
version 5.1. If you have an earlier version and would like to upgrade your box, please click here:

Drug Box Version 5.1 Standard £499 +VAT and Carriage
Drug Box Version 5.1 Upgraded £585 +VAT and Carriage

Product Data
Height 300 mm
Depth 150 mm
Width 450 mm
Weight 6 kg