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About D&Wp

Brief Details
D&Wp is a trading style of CPD (Europe) Limited Company, Registered in the UK, No. 3682408,
VAT Tax Registration No: GB 731898011

D&Wp is a long established family business based in the south east of England with a sister company CPD Asia Co. Ltd. in Bangkok, Thailand. We are experts in the provision of quality health education training resources, we have been manufacturers and sellers of highly successful training resources since 1989.

In 2005, D&Wp introduce a new range of educational training aids for the sector of Safer Sex Education. In January 2008 D&Wp released the V.I.S. Box for Alcohol Awareness Training and in 2009 the S.I.D. Box for visual recognition of abused or misused substances.

All D&Wp training resources are carefully researched, designed and manufactured by teams of experienced professionals. D&Wp is dedicated to the cause of creating Drug Awareness, Alcohol Awareness and Safe Sex Education worldwide and this is reflected in it's success.

Who are our customers
D&Wp currently supply all the major UK police forces, UK education departments, primary and secondary schools, colleges and universities, youth clubs and correctional facilities, councils, hospitals, HM prisons and companies large and small throughout the UK with a range of Drug Awareness Training Aids.

D&Wp also supply the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Offices and a host of other organizations in all parts of the world including the Middle East, Far East, Australasia and the USA.

Research is an ongoing task and every step is taken to ensure that all resources are up to date with the ever-changing trends in misused substances, or with new methods of contraception or STIs.
Researchers work closely with designers and production technicians to further ensure that all products are the very best and most up to date.

The D&Wp design team design products utilizing the most up to date technology, which not only look good but are designed and optimized for their end use and efficiency. One of the many reasons why D&Wp Drug Awareness Training Resources are still the highlight of any training session and why our new range of Safer Sex Education Aids and Alcohol Awareness Resources provides outstanding training tools.

D&Wp products are hand-built in custom fitted workshops by a team of highly experienced technicians and professional model makers. From the careful construction of the flight cases to the manufacture and assembly of each single item contained within the resources, quality, durability and realism are of utmost importance.