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D&Wp Life Box Upgrades:
What is an Upgrade Kit?

The principal idea behind the D&Wp Upgrade Kit is to provide an easy, low-cost approach to keeping your D&Wp Life Box, and therefore your training material,
as up to date as possible.

If you have purchased a NEW D&Wp Life Box Version 1.1 Standard or Upgraded you are in possession of a fully up to date version. However we are constantly improving and updating our awareness products.

LBX_UGFor example, presently items 8, 16 and 24 being; Food Labelling, Diabetes and Sleep & Stress will at some point in the future be redesigned into the system and three more items will be released. The upgrade system allows us to integrate the new items with your existing content with minimal disruption and negates the need to purchase an entirely new box when the upgrade becomes available.

If at some time in the future you are concerned that your D&Wp Life Box might be out of date and might now not contain the latest trends in Health & Wellbeing. Please follow the instructions below.

How do I tell which version I have?

Look inside Life Box. On the back of tray one you will find a label showing the version and the production batch number, but if in doubt contact D&Wp.

Current Upgrade for new D&Wp Life Box V1.1
(May 2017 onwards, Information on right)

There are currently no earlier upgrades (this is a new product).

Current Upgrade for New Life Box V1.1
(May 2017 onwards)

If you recently purchased the Standard D&Wp Life Box Version 1.1 your D&Wp Life Box will contain three trays, each tray containing seven items, leaving the slots 8, 16 & 24 empty. If you now wish to get the latest trends in Health & Wellbeing the D&Wp Life Box Upgrade Kit Version 1.1 is the right choice for you.

Card 8

Tray Card 8 - Food Labelling

Card 16

Tray Card 16 - Diabetes

Card 24

Tray Card 24 - Sleep & Stress

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Something Broken or Missing?

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