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D&Wp Awareness Resources

Drug Box Item 24 - Drug Testing



Awareness, educational training kits and resources for anyone working in the fields of drug awareness, sexual health, alcohol awareness and smoking issues, including DAATs (Drug and Alcohol Action Teams), Health promotion departments, G.U. clinics, police, prisons, Human Resources, Personnel Departments, Housing Associations, Local Authorities, Social Services, schools and other youth organisations. D&Wp supply learning resources to all leading social awareness training organisations in the UK and many internationally, including police services, hospitals, councils, education departments, schools and non-government organisations.

D&Wp’s educational products include: 3D display cases containing drugs, alcohol, contraceptives, S.T.I.’s and tobacco, consisting of harmless, yet faithful, replicas of the real thing and their paraphernalia and offering information on the item’s origin, history, effects, health risks and what to look out for. The D&WP VIS Box containing D&Wp’s VIS Goggles (also known as drunk/beer goggles). A substances identification kit for illegal drugs, legal highs, medicines etc, flash cards sets, A3 and A4 posters, and a fully comprehensive online resource program with downloadable fact sheets, quizzes and learning support documents.

Student Using Visual Impairment System

Substance Identification Kit in Use

D&Wp Smoke Box - Clogged Artery