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D&Wp Safer Sex Box - Tray Details

The D&Wp Safer Sex Box contains three trays which each contain up to eight item cards in crystal cases, each of which give a description of the item and information on methods of use, effects, what to look out for, risks, etc.

Crystal Case

Individual crystal cases are removable.

Tray card

Reverse of crystal case bears information.

Tray one

Tray One

1. Male Condom
2. Female Condom
3. Cap / Ring
4. Hormone Patch
5. Sponge
6. Withdrawal
7. Oral Dam
8. Toxic Shock

Tray 2

Tray Two

09. The Pill
10. Implant / Injection
11. IUD / IUS
12. Male Sterilization

13. Female Sterilization
14. Rhythm Method
15. Finger Cots / Gloves
16. Niagra

Tray 3

Tray Three

A. Chlamydia / Gonorrhoea
B. Genital Herpes
C. Genital Warts
D. Hepatitis B
E. Syphilis
G. Trichomoniasis / Thrush
H. Pubic Lice / Scabies

Optional Upgrade Kit

For a full explanation of the upgrades available to the D&Wp Safer Sex Box, please click here:


Please note that these are not the standard trays; the standard trays only contain the first seven items in each tray. The eighth item is available as part of the upgrade separately available for the Safer Sex Box.

(We make every effort to constantly improve this product, therefore specifications may be changed from time to time).