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D&Wp Safer Sex Box-Light V2.1

The D&Wp Safer Sex Box-Light V2.1 contains as standard 6 simulated methods of contraception and 6 Sexually Transmitted Infections (S.T.I.) selected from the D&Wp Safer Sex Box V2.1. However, you can select further imitation items (available separately) and re-arrange the display in your D&Wp Safer Sex Box-Light.

Crystal cases are numbered in the same sequence as the D&Wp Safer Sex Box - Light V2.1. This enables an easy interchange of content to and from an existing Safer Sex Box containing the full range of imitation items.

All cases are removable from trays and are easily past amongst a group, or you may wish to remove or substitute an item you do not wish to use in your planned session. The reverse of the crystal case gives details on the item, its method, side effects advantages and disadvantages, diagnosis and treatment and other useful information.

The D&Wp Safer Sex Box-Light V2.1 is supported by a range of downloadable resources from the D&Wp website. Here you will find a printable booklet with an in-depth description of each of the simulated items and paraphernalia contained in both the D&Wp Safer Sex Box-Light and other optional content.


D&Wp Drug Box V3.6



Safer Sex Box Light Version 2.1
£435 + VAT & Carriage



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