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D&Wp Safer Sex Box Version 2.1

16 different methods of contraception and 8 Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) divided into three colour-coded trays; contained in a clinical white, durable and lockable flight case. Displayed in a fascinating 3D-manner, an interesting and effective training session is guaranteed.

Using the D&Wp V2 Safer Sex Box enables the trainer to overcome the difficulty of using those substances which carry or have a biohazard such as blood and medicines, and prescription devices which are often extremely expensive and can be hard to obtain.

Each method of contraception or STI is contained within its own crystal case bearing details on how used, advantages and disadvantages (contraception) or how caught, symptoms and treatment (STIs).

The D&Wp V2 Safer Sex Box has been designed for everyone working in Safer Sex Education, be it in organizations working with or for the councils, schools, health clinics, advice centres, youth organizations and many more. 

This new concept which will be the highlight of any training session!

Safe Sex Box
3 trays

Two of the three colour coded trays contain contraceptive items, the third tray contains representations of STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections).

Each box has a colour explanatory book covering all of the D&Wp Safer Sex Box contents, which can be downloaded from the D&Wp website by registered customers.

Version V2.1 Upgrade Kit

The standard Safer Sex Box includes 21 items (seven in each tray); an eighth item for each tray is available as an optional upgrade which may be ordered at the same time as your purchase of a Safer Sex Box or at a later date.

For more information on the contents of the three trays please click here:


For more information on the current and past upgrades, please click here:

Safer Sex Box Version 2.1 Standard £565
+ VAT & Carriage

Safer Sex Box Version 2.1 Upgraded £655
+ VAT & Carriage


Product Data
Height 325 mm
Depth 140 mm
Width 570 mm
Weight 7 kg