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D&Wp Online Resource Centre for
Drug Awareness

The D&Wp Online Resource Centre for Drug Awareness is an additional resource provided by D&Wp which offers information and support to compliment the use of D&Wp 3D product range. The Resource Centre covers five main categories:

Substance Database. Information on twenty four of the most common legal, illegal and legal highs, as featured in the D&Wp Drug Box version 4. 

Common Misconceptions. Twenty common misconceptions relating to drug and alcohol use.

The Law. Up to date details on Government legislation relating to classes and penalties under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971.

Drug Testing. A section dedicated to the different methods of modern day drug testing.

Customer Support. This section provides links to government approved sources of help and advice and further information.

How to access to the D&Wp Online Resource Centre for Drug Awareness

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Registered users will be required to enter their user name and password into the 'Login panel' on the left of the screen. Login details and password will be emailed to you directly from D&Wp with a link to your new Online Resource Centre Account.

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New Users
If you are new to this sytem and would like to create a new account please click on 'Create New Account' in the panel on the left of this screen and await a welcome email witha link to your new Online Recource Centre account.

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