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D&Wp Drug Box - Light V5.1 Tray Details

The D&Wp Drug Box - Light V5.1 contains a selection of 12 of the standard D&WP Drug Box V5.1 Crystal Cases. Each of its two trays contains six drug items.

Each crystal case gives a description of the drug and information on methods of use, effects, what to look out for, street names, risks, etc.

You may purchase additional crystal cases so that you can 'mix & match' the contents of your D&Wp Drug Box - Light to suit any training occasion.


Crystal Case

Individual crystal cases are removable.


Tray card

Reverse of Crystal case bears information.

Tray one

Tray One

01. Cocain & Crack

03. Heroin

08. Crystal Meth.

09. Cannabis

11. Synthetic Cannabis

12. Synthetic Cathinones

Tray 2

(We make every effort to constantly improve this product, therefore specifications may be changed from time to time). 
Tray Two

17. Benzodiazepines

18. BZP's

19. Anabolic Steroids

22. Solvents

23. Alcohol & Tobacco

24. Caffeine