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D&Wp V.I.S. (Visual Impairment System) V2.1

The D&Wp V.I.S. Box comes supplied with everything you will need to demonstrate the effects alcohol has on an individual's vision, balance, spatial awareness & hand-eye coordination.

With every purchase of a D&Wp V.I.S. Box you will be able to download resources which contain instructions on using your V.I.S. Box and an activity called 'Your Round' designed to test your participants balance and coordination whilst wearing the V.I.S. Goggles, an introduction to alcohol and 12 'Alcohol Fact Sheets', all in a ready to print format.

driving with V.I.S. Goggles

Demonstrating the effects of alcohol when an individual has consumed none, provides a valuable yet safe experience.

D&Wp Drug Box V3.6

D&Wp V.I.S. Box V2.1

D&Wp V.I.S. Box Downloadable resources

Further downloadable resources are available in PDF form on our web shop. These resources include: Alcohol Fact Sheets, Alcohol Misconceptions, Card Games, Colouring in Sheets, and 'Mocktail' Recipes.

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Contents of the D&Wp V.I.S. Box V2.1

A pair of D&Wp V.I.S. Goggles - Day
Pair of Motion Sensor Alarms
Alcohol Breath Tester
Lens Cleaning Kit
Roll Hazard Tape
High Impact Flight Case

Please note: V.I.S. Goggles are not sold separately.

V.I.S. Box Version 2.1 £460 + VAT & Carriage

Product Data
Height 325 mm
Depth 140 mm
Width 450 mm
Weight 7 kg