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D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2 - Downloadable Resources

There are additional resources designed for use with the D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2 which customers can download, free of charge, from the D&Wp website.

Items Available

1. Trainee Test Record Sheets together with overlay sheets indicating the correct positions, for rapid marking.

2. An instruction manual giving full training information on each of the contents of the 26 vials.

3. A 'Beginners' Level and an 'Advanced' Level quiz. Each level has 5 sub levels and contains 100 questions in total. This can be printed out as a 'Handout'. There is also a overlay marking sheet for each individual level of the quiz to provide rapid marking for the trainer.

How to log on to the D&Wp customer download website.
When you get your product you will find enclosed a general information sheet giving details of package contents, updates, service replacements and how to log onto the customer download section of the D&Wp Website. This Information sheet will also bear your log on details. If you have mislaid these details you may request re-issue subject to providing details of proof of purchase. Just contact our Customer Services Team.

SID  Instructions

A 100 question questionnaire is available to use uith your new D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2.


D&Wp SID Box Booklet

The 36 page contents explanation booklet (which is printable) will tell you all you need to know about every item in you D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2.

SID Cards

Available on a printable download is a set of trainee test record sheets together with an overlay indicating the correct positions for rapid marking.

Don't Forget, there is also a 100 question quiz complete with answer overlay sheets available for download at the D&Wp Website Customer Download section.

Completely FREE to registered customers