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D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2
(Pre & Post Awareness Training Evaluation)

When someone asks the question "what have your trainees learned by undergoing drug awareness training?" or you want to know if your training objectives have been met, you now have the answer?

So how will it work? In essence it is what appears to be an entertaining, simple game. The resource challenges the trainee to identify a substance, match it to its name, street name and to its UK government classification (A,B,C or just 'Legal'). Easy, they may think, "This is Cannabis, it is Skunk or Weed and it is Class C". But what is this pale blue liquid, or this scrap of blotting paper, or the stuff that looks a bit like sugar?

These results are recorded, on the forms provided, and the game of the initial session put to one side. Once your training session has run its course, using any other resources you see fit, such as the D&Wp Drug Awareness Box, you again bring out the D&Wp S.I.D. Box 2 . Your trainees play the game again and you record the results. You then compare the pre and post training results and you have a report for individual trainees, groups, or the class as a whole.

S.I.D. Box
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You also have the benefit that your training session has been fun, challenging and interactive. We all know that bored, unchallenged students learn very little.

The D&Wp S.I.D. Box Vials

SID Vial 01 There are 26 vials containing a small sample of a replica drug or drug associated substance. Each S.I.D. vial is securely sealed and labelled with a number.

Included is a location checking card, users can check how correctly they have positioned each bottle on the board.

D&Wp Registered Customer Downloads

In addition to your physical D&Wp SID Box V2 resources shown above, as a registered customer you can also download a variety of other resources.

There is a comprehensive instruction book that gives full details of the vial contents and training information on each individual item, record sheets, and a 10 part questionnaire covering both beginner and advanced levels complete with answer overlay sheets for rapid marking, and much more.

You will be provided with your secure log in details to our customer resource web download pages with the product.

S.I.D. Box Version 2.0 £480 +VAT and Carriage

Product Data
Height 325 mm
Depth 50mm
Width 450 mm
Weight 4 kg